The acquisition of land in Ghana has always been considered one of the biggest achievement of every individual, especially when mortgaging is expensive and the terms are not friendly for majority of average earning citizens. The alternative for majority of Ghanaians is to buy a land and build their homes at their own pace. Despite its importance, land acquisition in Ghana is not an easy feat due to the rise in demand, land tenure as well as the land administration systems in Ghana. Mostly, the processes are cumbersome and time-consuming. If you are looking to acquire a piece of land in Ghana, there are numerous questions that may be going through your mind. Based on our interaction with numerous clients, land commission officials and other experts or players in the land space, we have listed some of these top questions or concerns about land acquisition as follows:

  • What are the various types of lands in Ghana?
  • What is the process for buying a land in Ghana?
  • What are the lease periods on lands in Ghana?
  • What is the best way to do due diligence on a land before you buy?
  • How much are lands being sold in Ghana?
  • What is the process for registering land in Ghana?
  • What is property tax and what tax breaks are available for what types of land?
  • What other ‘hidden fees’ should be considered before purchase?
  • Can foreigners buy land in Ghana and how does the process and conditions look like?
  • Is it advisable to buy lands directly from owners or use real estate companies?

In subsequent articles, we will tackle these questions one after the other, delve deeper into the issues and offer the best solutions to our readers. That said, due to the complexities associated with land purchase in Ghana, we recommend using or buying lands from credible and well-grounded real estate companies like Estate Masters Limited, to avoid stress and issues with land litigation. With over 7 years’ progressive experience in the real estate business in Ghana, Estate Masters is noted for selling serviced and litigation free plots all over Accra. We have sold and continue to sell numerous plots of land in locations such as Kasoa (Bawjiase), Buerko (Saglemi government affordable housing), Tsopoli (new airport city). This is how Estate Masters takes off the headache associated with land purchase and registration off your head:

  • We purchase a portion of land, complete the complex process associated with land registration before reselling them to our customers.
  • With the help of our highly qualified team and external resource persons, we do our due diligence before proceeding with the land purchase.
  • All our lands are litigation-free
  • We have simplified the land purchase process for our clients
  • Our lands are located in safe communities
  • We have plots to suit every pocket. They come in different sizes i.e. 100 x 100, 100 x 70, and 70 x 50 and are sold for as low as GHS 6,000 depending on the side.
  • Our plots are serviced and comes in the form of gated communities with social amenities
  • We have in-house structural and building engineers to help our clients put up their homes if required

For more information on the various offers available, please call 030-397-5061 or email [email protected].

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