Protect your land against Encroachment. (don’t lose your land)

Land is a very profitable investment, at least every realtor knows that. In Ghana land does not depreciate, it appreciates every single day. People who understand this want to go into real estate and own a plot of land or more. What most people don’t know is how to protect their land from encroachers.

It is important to buy from genuine estate companies or individuals but that is not enough. The other issue next to land litigation and land fraud is land encroachment.

Land encroachment happens when people intrude on your land for various purposes. Of course, that property is yours, you bought it, have the documents including title but you leave it for some weeks, months years and before u come back to it someone has their sand on it or they are putting up a temporal structure on it.
sometimes these encroachers are so stubborn to the extent that you need court actions to get them off your legit property.

As we all know in Ghana, court actions take some time and money. The money you would spend in court sometimes can even buy you a new plot of land so why take the risk and allow encroaches on your land before you take any action.

How do you then protect your land from encroachers?
the ways to protect your land from encroachment are simple

  1. Have corner pillars
  2. Build corner blocks
  3. Build boundary walls/fence
  4. Start your project/footing  

Arranged from the least security to the highest form of security and cost. Corner pillars are the cheapest, but encroachers could still overlook them. Corner pillars will only tell the encroacher that the land has an owner. Price ranges from 100 to 300 cedis

The corner walls come in different sizes and designs; this tells the encroacher that you want to start something on your land soon. It signals the beginning of a project. Prices range from 300 to 2000 cedis

corner block

The fence wall is a more expensive but the most secure way to protect your investment. You can fence your plot and gate it to deter encroachers from approaching your land.

Remember that, buying genuine land alone is not enough to say you have secured investment, protect your land from encroachers today.

You can talk to the experts for more details on how to protect your plot against encroachment or call 0543869957 for more advice and different types of walls with pictures

corner block

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Isaac Batsa  


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