Drommo Cottage

Located in Bawjiase, few minutes drive from the Kasoa township.
The site is plotted and serviced.

The plots are readily available for sale with flexible payment plans. You can also start your project on your last payment. Payment plans rages from Outrignt, 3 months, 6month, and one year.

Project Goals

It is made for you, your comfort and security, your investment and your future. The Drommo Cottage is for people who want safe investments. It has residential and commercial plots. Plots are nicely demarcated and site nicely planned. Layouts are also planned to avoid future occurrences.

Our Approach

We want you to be successful because we believe land is an investment. We conduct a thorough research on all the lands before we buy. You are assured that our lands have no litigation issues and therefore you can sleep and relax. Buy land now and don’t say later

  • Client: Drommo Cottage
  • Date: 2021
  • Location: Kasoa Bawjiase
  • Category: Residential
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