The mistakes I made in trying to acquire a land. Why you must buy land at Tsopoli now.


Mistakes i made in buying land in Ghana

In 1991, while working as a fuel station manager at the Ring Road Shell Fuel Station, I missed two opportunities that has never erased from my memory.

I started working with Shell as an Assistant Manager on the 26th June, 1989 at the Circle Service Station, the present day East Cantoments Pharmacy just after the Circle interchange when going to Accra from Achimota. It used to be Texaco Fuel Station and the Accra Kumasi Neoplan/One pound One pound station. I was promoted to manage the Ring Road Shell branch after a great performance on sales, safety and housekeeping.

Land for sale

In the Christmas of 1991,a particular tanker driver who was very reliable on his fuel supplies whom I recommended to the authorities to supply me fuel regularly, surprised me with a cash gift which I sworn to buy a plot of land from.

I contacted some few “real estate agents” for the land deal. At that time, Spintex road was nonexistent and they had started demarcation for residential area. From the Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout to the Coca Cola roundabout, was just a path. No good roads. They showed me large tracts of land and I said naively “this place is too far from town”. I rejected it. Hmm. It was cheaper looking at today’s market price.
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They sent me again to the present day A&C shopping mall area at East Legon and it was mashy! I rejected it too. If you are reading this, you’ll say in your head “hwɛ ne gyimie bi”(See his foolishness). I will not begrudge you. I was a novice! Achimota, Kingsby, Mile 7 area was the newest developing area and my focus and fantasy dream was to acquire a property there. The “guys” promised to get me one plot. I made an advance payment and never saw them again. They absconded with my money. Maso yɛɛ hye rough! (I was hot)  I missed and lost those opportunities and will NEVER get them again!

Brethren here reading this, take every opportunity that comes your way especially, if it is the issue of land! Once the Land is genuine and litigation free. Just go ahead and buy it.

You can even buy is as a form of investment, i.e if you already have land. I will also recommend to you Kings City Real Estate Limited. I bought their Tsopoli Land recently and I can say on Authority that they are very genuine.

Never say, “the place is too far”. In less than 5 years, you would be surprised. When I started building my house in Pokuase some 22 years ago, it was a lonely place. Today, the noise alone in my neighborhood has deafened me.

Don’t use your money to buy Pizza. Buy a plot of land. Land is mentioned 1670 times in the Bible. Pizza is not. The closest name is Peter. What a missed opportunity. Let me go to Kings City and buy another one for the future. lol

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Cc: Fred Kyei Mensah (Edited by the blogger)

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