This is a very big question, the other question is, do we really have genuine lands in Ghana? and How hard is it to get genuine lands in Ghana?

I will be answering these questions right here so continue reading.

Genuine land is the land with no litigation issues, land that is own by an individual, family, chief or organization. For the land to be genuine, it must be titled. Yes! That is the main requirement for a land that is genuine.

So what do we mean when we say the land is titled?

Titled land is that which went through the lands commission’s registration processes and has been certified. A tile certification is issued to the rightful owner(s) of the land.

When you buy land that is not titled, you risk losing your investment to litigation, a litigated land is one that has disputes.

So how do I know whether or not the land is titled?

Ask! Yes, ask for the land title documentation. If the seller tells you that the certificate is not available or it’s missing, go to the lands commission and run a search to know the rightful owner of the land before you make payment.

Don’t let the seller tell you that it will be provided later. Many people have lost their investments to real estate and individuals because they bought litigated lands.

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When buying from an estate company, you can check the number of people who bought from them and the number of years they have been in operation. This will also give you an idea as to whether the land is genuine or not.

The location and price at which you are buying the land is another factor. If you are buying in a very developed area, check the average price of lands in the area and compare it to what you are buying.

Finally, you can buy from the Estate Masters, they are known as the number 1 genuine land sellers in Ghana.
Don’t throw your money away, buy from genuine sources and save your investment.

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