Find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there.

In Ghana, everyone at a point in time would wish to be a land owner (landlord/land lady) and probably build on the land. The question is “Why would people want to be land owners”. Every smart investor wants to make profit and owning a genuine land is one of the most guaranteed ways to make huge returns on your profit.
Buying a genuine land gives you a piece of mind and protects your investments.

Land is bought/own for various purposes including investment, building etc. Some people buy lands at under-developed areas and leave it for some time to appreciate and then sell it because land appreciates very fast.

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Whether you want a land for investment purposes or building your house and living in it or renting it out, just find out where the development is heading to and buy land around the area before development starts.

The above observation explains reasons why people are buying land at Tsopoli. The development in Greater Accra region is heading towards the Tema-Aflao road. It is therefore not a surprise that the government of Ghana has built the affordable housing at Tsopoli (Saglemi). Other projects in the area included the B5 steel company which was recently commissioned and the much talked about Airport City.
One company that is known to have genuine land in the Tsopoli area is The Estate Masters. If you want to buy land at Tsopoli before the people get there? Buy from the Estate Masters. They offer flexible payment terms and have serviced plots for all purposes.

Always remember to find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there..

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