Estate Master’s People Management Philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. Our goal is to maintain a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth for all employees. People who come to Estate Masters want to work here because we have created an environment that encourages creativline required to achieve our vision.

We Are Hiring


Position Summary:

We are in search of a committed individual to join our growing family as a Land Surveyor. This professional will be mainly responsible for measuring and mapping to establish boundaries; gathering data in preparation of civil engineering and construction projects so that accurate site plans can be drawn, and researching into legal boundaries. The Land Surveyor is expected to spend most of his/her time on project sites.

Position Summary:

We are in search of an experienced individual to join our growing family as a Software Engineer. This professional will work in a constantly evolving environment to translate the needs of different teams into systems development, create and manage support systems required to effectively run the company. The role involves conducting needs assessment, preparing technical specifications, and working with software developers to design, build and review systems. The Software Engineer is expected to work on part-time basis.