“Buy land now and wait, don’t wait to buy land” is a very popular yet meaningful real estate quote. Taking a moment to think about this quote, you realize that when it comes to real estate, you have to buy your land as early as possible.

When you are taken to a land site for viewing, the ultimate thing to have at the back of your mind is whether or not the land is genuine. Once you are certain the land is genuine, secure it as soon as possible regardless of the location or distance.

Buying and waiting mean that your land will continue appreciating whilst you accumulate funds for you to begin your project. Other amenities like electricity, water etc. can be procured during the wait.

All around the world, lands appreciate very fast. Many smart investors have invested a lot of money into real estate and have yielded a lot of returns.

For example in 2016, lands around and after Central University at Dawhenya were sold for less than 10,000 cedis, currently, lands around and after central university at Dawhenya are sold at over 50,000 cedis. There is no way one would put 10,000 in the bank and make up to 500% profit within these period.

People have regretted not buying land when they had the chance to. They refused to invest for some mere reasons such us distance from their current abodes, and slow development at the time. Though these reasons are legitimate, a well-informed investor knows the prospect of land anywhere near major cities.

These former remote places have now turned to fast developing commercial and residential sites. how I lost my land investment

Get the right consultation on land. Know when to buy, where to buy and what to buy. Know the documents you need, what you need and how to get it. Contact the Estate Masters now for all your land consultation and advisory services.

REMEMBER to buy land and wait, don’t wait to buy land.

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